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In Spotlight: Solar Roof tiles

In Spotlight: Solar Roof tiles

We’re pretty sure you would have observed solar panels installed in a couple of houses digital signage. Over time the price of Solar panels has decreased as well. Especially with the Budget of 2020, Solar panels are bound to be more viable for society’s middle-class. But what’s withholding people from fixing solar panels to their roofs? Research shows that smaller versions using the same technology behind solar panels, the solar tiles, have proved to be more effective and aesthetically appealing. This discrete alternative offers a less intrusive look in comparison to large, very obvious solar panels. 

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Solar tiles a conventional option

Apart from being more conventional, the solar roof tiles also produce fewer greenhouse gases beneficial to the environment. The sustainable yet aesthetically pleasing roof tiles do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance. There is no gap left between the tiles when implementing them in the first place, thereby allowing no debris to get caught between them. What’s more, houses that don’t have large roofs or space available for solar panels can opt for this cheaper electricity-generating technology. 

  • Furthermore, if you are in a zone that’s prone to a strong gust of winds and such, these solar roof tiles can withstand them with ease since their design doesn’t intervene with the flow of wind. Solar Roof tiles also add to your home value. This sustainable feature hikes up the value of your home by several rupees not simply because it saves on the electricity bill for a lifetime but also because of the battery storage system that accumulates the extra energy to be used at night and even during times of rainfall as well. Additionally, if you have a large roof or space that works well even for a solar panel but wouldn’t want to risk your roof’s integrity, solar roof tiles stand to be the best option there is once again. There’s no requirement to grind/ cut/ drill through your roof to install these wonder-working solar roof tiles. 

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Curious to know how do you avail this feature as a resident in India ? Solar roof tiles stand to be in trend, a cost-effective option compared to the excessive electricity bills that we pay monthly. Solar Companies like Solchrome, Vitrified Solar Roof Tiles, Tego Solar Shingle, T5 Solar Roof tiles are a couple of companies where you could avail yourself of this exclusive electricity saving feature. The suggestion of companies above is based on searches from Google and not via personal opinions and experiences. 


Various types of solar roof tiles available 

Solar companies offer products with varied solar efficiencies. Also, companies offer different types of solar roof tiles. Some offer solar roof tiles in ceramic and aesthetically gel with the rest of the ceramic. Solar roof tiles in Bangalore are also offered with different years of warranty. Moreover, these tiles are also produced with different cells. As a consumer, you must be wary of finding out details to the factors mentioned above integral to any efficacious solar roof tile. 

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